3-20-00844 Pellet Stove Thermistor

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This pellet stove thermistor probe is for Harman pellet stoves and is an easy to fit direct drop-in replacement.

Mounts in the exhaust housing near the vent pipe connection. Clean with a scotch-brite pad or fine steel wool at least once per season. Wire Color There are 2 different thermistor ESP probes for the Harman line; one has a black wire, one has a red wire. You must order the same color thermistor probe as the one you are replacing. Please Note that the Black Wire ESP will also replace the early White Wire ESP Probe.

Full Product Specifications:

  • Easy to fit
  • Direct drop-in replacement

Compatible With:

  • Accentra Cast FS 00840167 and higher, Accentra Insert 008241201 and higher, Advance 008360001 and higher, P61 008085055 and higher, P61A 008085803 and higher, P68 008280309 and higher, PC45 008055031 and higher, PF100 (Models with Red ESP Wires), XXV 008206292 and higher, also fits Harman coal stoves DVC 500 008065076 and higher, Mark I (Models with Red ESP Wires).

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