IG9998 Universal Flat Oven Ignitor MEGA 75 Pack

Case of 75 individually boxed universal flat oven ignitors

Flat style|17" lead wires|1-1/2" ceramic block|Includes stripped wires and ceramic wire nuts

Replaces Following Part #'s:

492431 Bosch
00492431 Bosch
814269 Whirlpool
1802A303 Brown
WB13T10001 General Electric
1802A300 Brown
316030600 Electrolux
08009420 Electrolux
3131090 Electrolux
3203706 Electrolux
3131300 Electrolux
5303210788 Electrolux
WB13K10008 General Electric
316T031P02 Electrolux
316T031P01 Electrolux
IGN5 Norton
41-205 Robertshaw
SGR412 Supco
P205034 Electrolux
10222 Electrolux
5303207520 Electrolux
10064 Electrolux
P205016 Electrolux
P205013 Electrolux
08067971 Electrolux
08013883 Electrolux
WB2X4600 General Electric
WB2X8212 General Electric
5303207521 Electrolux
WB2X9998 General Electric
WB2X4528 General Electric
5303935066 Electrolux
5308009420 Electrolux
SGR9998 Supco