AC Motor Run Capacitor CoolRun 200 - Universal

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Made by Direct Brand. A permanent universal capacitor replacing 200 single and dual value capacitors
  • Product Number: MMunicap200
  • Double protection safety interrupter
  • US Patent Protected
  • The COOLRUN is designed for single or dual capacitor rating for condenser and blower motors up to 67.5 MFD.
  • The range is 2.5 MFD – 67.5 MFD. 370-Volt or 440-Volt applications.
  • No additional adjustments are necessary for 370 MFD and 440 MFD.
  • Cooler running for extended capacitor life, all year round
  • Replaces single and dual value capacitors – 370 or 440 VAC 506239
  • Replaces 20 single value capacitors 12.5 MFD combined total capacitance 506240

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