We offer a FULLY LOADED package that helps you stock your fleet at wholesale prices! The savings are mind blowing! This is common truck stock for the following appliances: Dryer, Washer, Dishwasher, Range and Refrigerator and below is what is included in the Stock-A-Truck fleet package:


279769 x2 Thermal Cut Off

279973 x2 High Limit Thermostat

DC47-00018A x2 High Limit Thermostat

DC96-00887A x2 Safety Thermostat

3387134 x2 Operating Thermostat

DC47-00016A x2 Thermostat

LA1053 x2 Thermal Fuse Kit

279816 x2 Thermal Cut Off Kit

338906 x2 Flame Sensor

DE382 x10 Gas Coil Kit

W10328463 x2 Coil Pack

4650EL3001A x3 Idler Pulley

6-3700340 Idler Pulley

279640 x3 Idler Pulley

3390719 x10 Thermal Fuse

3392519 x10 Thermal Fuse

13458770 x2 Thermistor

8577274 x3 Thermistor

WE4X739 x2 Igniter

UDI x4 Igniter – Universal

5303281153 x2 Drum Bearing Kit

3406107 x3 Door Switch

W10820036 x3 Lid Switch

279570M x3 Door Latch – Universal

DC97-16782A x4 Drum Roller

12001541 x2 Drum Roller

LA1008 x2 Roller Kit

279827 x2 Dryer Motor

279787 Dryer Motor

303836 x2 Blower Wheel

694089 x2 Blower Wheel

279838 x2 Heating Element

DC47-00019A Heating Element

134792700 Heating Element

LA-1044 Heating Element

5300622034 Heating Element Coil

WE49X20697 x2 GE Rebuild Kit

4392065 x3 Rebuild Kit

4392067 x2 Rebuild Kit

134719300 x2 Belt

341241 x2 Belt

WE12X82 x2 Belt

279457 x2 Element Wire Harness Kit



W10913953 Shift Actuator

W10006355 x2 Shift Actuator

W10278556 Motor Capacitor

80040 x5 Agitator Dogs

6501KW2002A Hall Sensor

8318084 x2 Lid Switch

3949247 x5 Lid Switch

W10404050 Latch Assembly

131763202 x2 Door Lock

131763310 x2 Door Striker

285753A x5 Motor Coupling Kit

DC31-00054A Drain Pump

137221600 Drain Pump

4681EA2001T Drain Pump

280187 Drain Pump

W10730972 Drain Pump

3363394 x2 Drain Pump (Direct Drive)

3363892 Drain Pump (Large Port)

W10144820 Water Valve

WV-1 x2 Water Valve - Universal

8182862 Duet Water Valve

8181694 Duet Water Valve


S58Y21 x4 Surface Element 8” – Universal

S46Y15 x4 Surface Element 6” – Universal

WB44K10005 x2 Bake Element

DG47-00038B Bake Element

W10779716 x2 Bake Element

B5103 x2 Bake Element

3149404 x2 Infinite Switch

316436001 x2 Infinite Switch

5500200M x2 Infinite Switch – Universal

7403P2360 x2 Infinite Switch

330031 x4 Terminal Block

W10131825 Oven Temp Sensor

8053344 Oven Temp Sensor

9758079 x3 Spark Bake Igniter

WB13K10043 Igniter

GR403 x2 Round Igniter – Universal

IG9998 x5 Flat Igniter – Universal



154637401 Fill Valve

00607335 Water Valve

00620774 Drain Pump

00661658 Drain Pump

154701001 Splash Shield

W10258275 x2 Thermal Fuse

675813 x2 Thermal Fuse



W10822278 x2 Defrost Timer

218724501 x2 Defrost Timer

MLT55 x2 Defrost Thermostat

WE50X10068 x2 Defrost Thermostat

2198202 Cold Control

PU410 x4 3in1 Hard Start Kit – Universal

W10408179 Fill Water Valve

4389102 x2 Ice Optics

5303918344 Ice Maker

2198597 Ice Maker

243297606 Ice Maker

241798224 Ice Maker

WIM x2 Ice Maker (Bare) – Universal

4317943 x2 Ice Maker


If there is an item that is out of stock at the time of purchase, it will be shipped promptly upon fulfillment. We do offer business account opportunities and bulk options of individual items.